The New Year of the Mind

New Year, New Moon, new energy, new foundation, new trust, new hopes, new visions, new dreams… This word… “new”… suggests something that had not existed before. We spend a day writing out our… Continue reading

Why Are We Going Vegan??

My husband and I decided to go vegan for 90 days. Here we talk about why we came to this decision and what we hope to accomplish over the next three months.

Going Vegan for 90 Days: Day Three

Day three of being vegan and I’ve never been so conscious of what I am eating before. While it might seem disadvantageous to be thinking of “what I can’t eat/shouldn’t eat”… I actually… Continue reading

A Season of Change

A few have asked me what’s changed in my life mindset and why. How I am now the “Happy Hippy” (as a good friend of mine coined). Here’s my story, being completely candid.… Continue reading

Four Month Dreadlocks Update

Lost length, thickening, beads, and hemp wraps! Feel free to comment and subscribe to my channel for more updates on dreadlocks and life. :D

Not Motivation… ACTIVATION!!!

How can we move from a place of feeling less motivated, to a place where we are active in accomplishing our goals and heart’s desires? What is this “space” or “gray area” that… Continue reading

Why I Have Dreadlocks, and Thoughts on Judgment, Rejection, and Self-Acceptance

Here is the latest video on my dreadlocks journey. I discuss the reasons why I have dreadlocks, and what being on this journey has taught me about judgment, rejection, and self-love. I hope… Continue reading

Dreadlocks Journey at Three Months

I’m at month three of dreadlocks, and I need help trying to figure out if I should resection my hair altogether (and make them thicker overall), or resection just certain parts that are… Continue reading

Be An Artistic Being Without Hindrances

Embrace your energy as an artist and allow it to flow through you. Don’t hinder yourself with doubt: it is the biggest barrier, and doesn’t serve your highest good. Get rid of the… Continue reading


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Climber plant the name itself suggests it needs support.  When I saw this climber plant the thought came into my mind was when it’s lying on ground there is…